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Sleep well

We understand the misery that a disturbed night of sleep can cause.

snoring and sleep apnoeaRoughly half the population snores and while it is something that's joked about, snoring can seriously affect the sleep you get - whether you're the snorer or you live with one.

Fortunately we are now able to provide our patients with a device to help them breathe more easily and help to reduce or eliminate their snoring problem.

We offer two different appliances depending on your budget called the Sleepwell and Sleepwell Chrome. Both are worn at night and work to advance and open your bite to allow you to breathe more easily by opening your airway.

Sleepwell is the most clinically proven mandibular advancement splint (MAS) available for the treatment of snoring and mild-moderate sleep apnoea. Sleepwell anti snoring device is fully adjustable giving you the patient up to 9mm of self adjustment.

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If you would like to know more about these appliances please call us at the surgery for an appointment or CLICK SNORING AND SLEEP APNOEA