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Dental ExaminationAt Pomfret & Farrell Dental we believe regular dental examinations are important in maintaining your oral health and helping you keep your teeth for longer.

During your first visit a thorough dental examination will be carried out to identify how healthy your mouth is, and what is required to either improve its health or to maintain its health.

Why a dental examination?

A dental examination helps you keep a healthy mouth and allows us to see if there are any dental problems you may have. It is best to deal with dental problems early as leaving dental problems untreated could make it more difficult to treat in the future.

What happens during a dental examination?

At your dental examination your dentist would

  • Ask about your health and potential problems you may have had with your gums, teeth and mouth since you last visited.
  • Examine your teeth, gums and mouth.
  • Discuss with you your teeth cleaning habits and ask about and give you advice on your diet, smoking and alcohol use.
  • Discuss with you if treatments are needed, a detailed treatment plan aimed at improving your oral health.
  • Discuss with you the various ways in which you can opt to pay for your treatment such as Denplan, privately on a pay as you go basis or through the NHS.
  • Discuss with you other cosmetic dental procedures that may help improve your oral health depending on your oral health status.

How often should I have a dental examination?

After your dental examination your dentist will recommend the date of your next visit. The time to your next dental examination may vary depending on your oral health. For some patients it could be as short as three months for other patients it could be as long as one year.