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An Implant is a titanium screw that can replace the root of a teeth that has failed. Just like a tooth root it is placed in the jawbone and the crown fitted on it giving a very natural look. 

Dental ImplantsImplants have been in used in dentistry for a number of years and have been found to be a safe and relaible way of replacing missing tooth. If looked after well dental implants can last a number of years. 

Working in conjunction with an implant specialist we can restore missing teeth or improve the fit and feel of dentures. Dental implants are reliable and well established treatments that helps replace missing teeth. Like our natural teeth dental implants can last for as long as you take good care of them.

Dental Implants benefits include;

  • Helping you eat comfortably an unrestricted diet
  • Implants are built to last so they are a long term treatment solution
  • With this treatment you can enjoy life without worrying about your teeth

During your initial visit we will assess whether dental implants are suitable for you and if they are we will discuss thoroughly what it involves, how much it will cost and how long your treatment will take.

If dental implants are not suitable for you, due to any factors we will discuss alternative options with you to replace that missing tooth.